Tuesday, November 18, 2014


OK, you MUST be wondering where I get all the free full sized items from by now. I mean, who what company sends people full sized items to try?! Well, that company is Influenster! Just this last month I received two full sized bottles of Aussie hair products to try and give my feedback too, SIMPLE! They also have voxperks, which mean that every now and then you will get a coupon for something. Like take a dollar off, or the first bottle of wine is on Club W! Yeah, those kinds of perks. Or better yet, is the HUB. Where people like you can put what you are doing on there. Its like Pinterest, but better!

So how did I get involved with this? I went to the website and signed up. Took the survey, and BAM! I was done. I sat back and patiently waited until there was a vox box that was right for me! It didn't take long at all. Go sign up now!!! You won't regret it at all!!


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