Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Who want's to host their own party and earn FREE items???!!!!

I need 7 people to have a party this month. Do you have to live in missouri? No Do you have to do bunch of work? No, only participate in your party, ya know.. participate, tag your friends in the things you think they would like Do you have to get all dressed up? No, you can party in your jammies!! Comment below and let me know! Even if you have had a TuVous party before, you can have another one!! or

Yes, they only take 30 minutes. I do all the work, 

Yes, we have hats!! 

And, it's summer time, so you need those sunglasses 

Who doesn't love bracelets? 

I love shiny things, don't you? 

Yes, you are seeing that correctly!!! We have nail wraps!!!!

And, they fella in your life needs items too! We also have ties!! 


This is just a little bit of what we sell!!  

More sunglasses, Here's a pic of me rocking my Bonnaroo's I also shown are the earrings and necklace also from TuVous!!

Comment below when you are ready to have your own party!!!! Or you can email me: